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Wash Buddy – Get Shower-Fresh Fast With Just a Splash of Water

You’ve been cycling all day. Maybe you’re at a festival or on the beach. You might be travelling, for business or pleasure, with no way to refresh yourself and limited supplies of water.

Maybe your children have been playing out all day and they’re really dirty. Perhaps you’re simply on deadline and don’t have time for a bath or shower. Or you just need a quick refresh.

How do you get clean and fresh-feeling again without taking a bath or shower? How do you freshen up with only a tiny splash of water? You need a Wash Buddy, designed for people on the move.

Wash Buddy - Designed for people on the move

What is a Wash Buddy?

Wash Buddy is a practical, inexpensive, highly effective and environmentally friendly way to get cleaned up fast using just a splash of water. You don’t need soap – it’s included. You don’t even need a towel. The fragrance-free foam air-dries within approximatley 60 seconds, leaving you looking and feeling fantastically clean and fresh.

Wash Buddy - Designed for people on the move

How does Wash Buddy work?

Here’s why Wash Buddy is the UK’s premium pocket sized smart wash sponge for keeping fresh.

  • No shower required – Can be used anywhere, any time: a toilet cubicle, car, tent or in the wild. All you need is a splash of water to activate it
  • No towel needed – You’re air dry within 60 seconds with no sticky residue
  • Fits into a pocket, pouch or backpack, super-light and very small at just 19.5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Suitable for cleaning the whole body, hypo-allergenic and unscented
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Uses the latest smart activation hygiene technology
  • Fully recyclable and reusable as a regular sponge
  • Lasts up to 3 years unopened

Simple To Use – Watch The Video

What’s in it?

The beauty is in the product’s simplicity. Wash Buddy is a soft, recyclable smart sponge incorporating natural moisturising Aloe Vera gel and a gentle, mild cleansing soap, it’s both Ph neutral and biodegradable.

Wash Buddy - Designed for people on the move
Wash Buddy - Designed for people on the move

Buy Wash Buddy from Amazon

If you’d like to stock up on Wash Buddies for your home, for biking, for your caravan, camping kit or travel bag, you can buy from Amazon.

Buy Wash Buddy Now At Amazon

Buy Wash Buddy in bulk direct from us

If you’re in the travel industry or military sector, run a sports business, retail store or festival, school or college and want to bulk-buy to resell or or re-brand as a promotional give away you can read more here about buying in bulk.

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