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Wash Buddy for Medical Workers, Care Homes and Private Hospitals

Wash Buddy For Medical and Home Care

Wash Buddy was originally designed for bed baths, an effective and practical alternative to wet wipes that doesn’t require soap, or towels and can be used anywhere, anytime. No wonder the good news is spreading fast to Britain’s care homes, private hospitals and medical workers.

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Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

5 Sponges with Re-usable Bag


Individually wrapped lasts up to 3 years

Wet wipes versus Wash Buddy – No contest

Most care homes and medical facilities still use wet wipes. They’re quick, easy and convenient. But they tend to just wipe body residue around, spreading it rather than removing it. Wet wipes can leave a sticky after-note. And they’re not that strong either, they tear easily. In other words wet wipes are a quick fix, and not a particularly good one.

Some organisations are thinking about using wet wipes part of the time, and bringing Wash Buddy into play alternately for every other clean-up to do a proper job. We won’t be at all surprised if they eventually reject wet wipes altogether and go 100% Wash Buddy. It makes a lot of sense when real cleanliness makes all the difference between a happy resident or patient and one who doesn’t feel quite so good, quite so clean and fresh.

Essential, affordable hygiene for medical and care workers

Budgets are everything in the medical and care sector. But because the Wash Buddy is essential addition to care worker hygiene, and hygiene these days is paramount, they actually turn out to be excellent value for money.

Add the fact that there’s absolutely no residue to wash off afterwards, no rinsing required, and they’re incredibly convenient and practical. You don’t even need a towel for drying off, since the foam air-dries in no time. And that means lower laundry bills.

The foam itself is hypoallergenic and contains soothing aloe vera. You can use a Wash Buddy for an all-over bed bath-style wash, and for some applications you can use the same Buddy twice. You only need a splash of water to activate it and when you gently rub the soft foam into the skin, you enhance its moisturising effect.

The benefits of a Wash Buddy

  • A long shelf life – lasts for 3 years unopened
  • Practical, inexpensive, effective and environmentally friendly
  • You don’t need soap – it’s included
  • You don’t need a towel – the foam air-dries within 60 seconds
  • The UK’s premium pocket sized smart wash sponge
  • No shower required – all you need is a splash of water
  • Super-light and very small – measures just 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Cleans the whole body
  • Hypo-allergenic and unscented
  • Suitable for people of every age
  • Fully recyclable, reusable as a regular sponge
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and incredibly clean

Save time, save money, do a better job

In a sector where time is money, anything you can do to save time means a lot. And when you’re tasked with looking after your fellow human beings with compassion and respect, efficiency and effectiveness also mean a lot.

If you are a medical worker employed by a care home, work at a private hospital or care for people in their own homes, Wash Buddy helps you do an even better job from a practical perspective while at the same time helping you preserve people’s dignity. If you run an organisation in the care sector, Wash Buddy could change your business for the better as well as improving the lives of the people you care for.

Any questions?

If you operate a care home, private medical facility or home care business and would like to explore how Wash Buddy will help you, we’ll be delighted to talk things through. There’s no obligation so feel free to contact us.

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