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Wash Buddy For Camping And Festivals

Want to Feel Fresh Fast? Grab a Camping Buddy

“We love going to festivals. We adore camping. And we don’t mind roughing it a bit. But there’s nothing quite so bad as feeling dirty, and nothing quite so good as feeling lovely and clean. When the showers are nasty, the queues are endless or there’s not a lot of water to be had, Camping Buddy does us proud. All we do is zip ourselves into the tent, grab a Buddy each and a minute later we’re clean, fresh and dry. Brilliant!”

Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

5 Sponges with Re-usable Bag


Individually wrapped lasts up to 3 years

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Want to Feel Fresh Fast? Grab a Wash Buddy

Festivals are all about fun. Camping is part of the festival experience, getting closer to nature and sleeping under canvas in the fresh air. But, let’s be honest, festival and camp site showers are sometimes less than inspiring, never mind the queues. If you want to feel marvellous and look like you’ve just stepped out of a refreshing shower, Camping Buddy is your best friend.

Maybe you don’t want to miss a second of the festival experience. Perhaps you want to freshen up between bands, or look and feel your best for the main event. Maybe you’re staying at a very basic camp site without shower facilities. When there’s not a lot of water available, time is short and you’re feeling grubby, your Wash Buddy works a little miracle.

Wash Buddy technical stuff

Wash Buddy is a really light, pocket sized sponge impregnated with the latest ‘smart activation’ hygiene technology. Until you add water it remains dry, compact and inactive. Add a mere splash of water and it magically expands and foams up, giving you enough bubbles for an all-over wash that feels just as good as a shower. There’s no need to rinse your skin. Buddies air-dry within seconds, and the Aloe Vera we’ve added moisturises you, leaving you feeling smooth and cared for.

No shower? 6 simple steps to fabulous freshness

  1. Take one small, neat, light Buddy and unwrap it
  2. Add a splash of water – a quarter of a cupful is more than enough
  3. Use the soft, light sponge and lovely suds to wash yourself
  4. Let your skin air dry in 60 seconds – there’s no need for a towel
  5. You’re clean dry and fresh all over in no time, and moisturised too
  6. Re-use your Buddy as an ordinary sponge or recycle it

The Camping Buddy – What You Get!

  • Individually wrapped, lasts as long as 3 years unopened
  • Fits into a trouser of jacket pocket, bumbag or rucksack pocket
  • Soft, small and light, just 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm packaged
  • Perfect for cleaning the body and hair, ideal for every age
  • Hypo-allergenic, unscented and contains organic Aloe Vera to moisturise and soften the skin
  • Dries in around 60 seconds and, unlike wipes, leaves no sticky residue
  • Fully recyclable and re-usable as a regular sponge

Buy Wash Buddy now!

You can buy Wash Buddy on Amazon.

If you’d like to buy in bulk for your campsite or glamping site, shop, festival or other business, click here for more details or use the Get In Touch button below to send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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