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Wash Buddy For Builders and Construction Workers

Builders Buddy – Get Really Clean Fast Without a Shower

“I was up on a roof all day today, taking down the old flashing and re-doing it. It was a filthy job, covering me in decades’ worth of soot and dirt. Last week we demolished an old kitchen extension, and next week we’re block-paving a driveway. I get home every night covered in muck, different muck every time, which used to drive my wife nuts because it got everywhere. Now, thanks to Builders Buddy I can hop in the back of the van and have a quick all-over clean up before going home. It only takes 60 seconds, I don’t need a towel and wifey is happy again.”

Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

Wash Buddy Pack of 5 Sponges

5 Sponges with Re-usable Bag


Individually wrapped lasts up to 3 years

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Wash Buddy – Get Really Clean Fast Without a Shower

Building and construction is a highly skilled job. It’s also one of the grubbiest, dirtiest jobs around. Luckily, whatever type of dirt you’re covered in, even if you’re filthy from head to foot, Wash Buddy will wash it off in no time, leaving you clean, fresh and fit to enter the house without leaving a trail of total destruction behind you!

Maybe you fancy dropping in to your local pub straight after work but you’re far too dirty. Perhaps you need to pop to the shops on the way home. Either way the Wash Buddy is small enough to fit into your glove compartment or bumbag. It stays small, dry and inactive until you add a splash of water. That’s all you need – a splash – good news when there isn’t always an accessible tap on site, but there’s a bit left in your bottle.

The water foams the sponge up and expands it, the perfect way to give yourself a thorough all-over wash, cleaning your skin and hair. The foam air-dries within 60 seconds, so there’s no need to take a towel with you, and unlike wipes there’s no sticky residue left behind. Just fresh, clean skin.

How does Wash Buddy do its magic?

Wash Buddy is a light, pocket sized sponge treated with cutting edge ‘smart activation’ hygiene technology, inspired by special sponges for hospital patients who can’t use a shower or bath. It’s clever stuff – here are the details.

  • Individually wrapped, lasts up to 36 months unopened
  • Measures just 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm packaged, and very light
  • Unscented, hypo-allergenic, Ph neutral and biodegradable
  • Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, made from natural coconut and palm oils
  • Includes organic Aloe Vera to moisturise the skin
  • Air dries fast in 60 seconds max
  • Fully recyclable, or re-usable as a handy sponge

The instructions – 3 fast steps to getting clean and fresh

  1. Unwrap your Builders Buddy and add a tiny splash of water
  2. Use the foamy sponge to wash yourself all over
  3. Let your skin air dry in 60 seconds – no towel needed

Buy Wash Buddy now!

You can buy Wash Buddy on Amazon.

If you’d like to buy in bulk for your building, roofing or other type of contractor firm, click here for more details or use the Get In Touch button below to send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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