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About The Wash Buddy

Wash Buddy Smart Body Sponges

What is a Wash Buddy?

Wash Buddy is a practical, inexpensive, highly effective and environmentally friendly way to get cleaned up fast using just a splash of water. You don’t need soap – it’s included. You don’t even need a towel. The fragrance-free foam air-dries within 60 seconds, leaving you looking and feeling fantastically clean and fresh. Just like magic.

Wash Buddy Smart Body Spoanges - Sizes and Dimensions

How does Wash Buddy work?

Here’s why Wash Buddy is the UK’s premium pocket sized smart wash sponge for keeping fresh.

  • No shower required – Can be used anywhere, any time: a toilet cubicle, car, tent or in the wild. All you need is a splash of water to activate it
  • No towel needed – You’re air dry within 60 seconds with no sticky residue
  • Fits into a pocket, pouch or backpack, super-light and very small at just 9.5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Suitable for cleaning the whole body, hypo-allergenic and unscented
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Uses the latest smart activation hygiene technology
  • Fully recyclable and reusable as a regular sponge
  • Lasts up to 3 years unopened

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Wash Buddy User & Storage Instructions

  • Tear Open, Splash with water, Squeeze to activate, Get washing, Air dry. No need to rinse. Clean and refreshed in 60 seconds and ready to go.
  • Long shelf life, lasts up to three years, provided the wrapping is intact and stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Each one individually wrapped in cellophane
  • Fully recyclable and reusable as a sponge
  • Quality checked UK Manufactured

Information For Marketing/Promotion Directors

  • If you’re involved in promoting or managing outdoor sport pursuits or festival events, our Wash Buddy range can be re-branded to your requirements and are great cost effective marketing tools for promotions as free giveaways, call us on: +44 (0) 8455 443 760 or 
email: enquiries@washbuddy.co.uk

Information For Retailers

  • If you are a Retailer and want to stock one or all our Wash Buddy Range of Smart Body Sponges, call us on: +44 (0) 8455 443 760 or 
email: enquiries@washbuddy.co.uk